Nokia Body Cardio Scale

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    Nokia 的 Body Cardio 體重計可與 iOS 裝置上的 app 搭配使用,幫助你監測健康狀況,讓你身體力行,增進健康。這款具備連線功能的體重計能透過心率來檢測心血管健康狀況,同時還能提供高度準確的體重與 BMI。另外還可測量體脂與水分比例、肌肉與骨骼質量測量數據。所有的數據都會與 Nokia Health Mate app、Apple「健康」,以及其他 iOS 版健康與健身app 順暢同步。

    Weigh smarter

    Whether your goal is to lose weight or to gain muscle, simply step on the scale to track body fat and water percentages, plus muscle and bone mass readings. Body Cardio always presents measurements in easy-to-read trendlines to help show your progress over time.

    Track, visualise, improve

    Every weigh-in appears automatically in the Health Mate app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. Set a goal in the app and Health Mate coaches you with tips and encouragement to help you succeed. With your weight, body composition and heart health history, you can see what works, reinforce positive behaviours and stay focused on the big picture. And for even more coaching, you can join one of the tailored wellness programs designed to shape key aspects of your health.

    Advanced design

    At only 1.9 centimetres (0.75 in.) thick with a solid aluminium base, Body Cardio has no feet to adjust - so it's extremely thin, yet stable. That also means that Body Cardio works well on any surface, from a hard floor to a thick carpet. Plus the long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can function for up to a year with only a single night's charge.

    More reasons to step on

    When connected to a Wi-Fi network, the scale delivers a daily local weather forecast to help plan the day and encourage daily use. You can customise the onboard display to show the data that's most important. When paired with a Nokia activity tracker, the display can also provide a summary of the previous day’s steps to motivate you even more.

    For the whole family

    體重計可自動辨識多達八位使用者,每個人的數據會分別同步至各自的 Health Mate 描述檔。還能在懷孕時提供經婦產科醫師審查的健康建議、個人化的體重追蹤,以及 Baby Mode,可精確測量家中最小成員的體重。

    Apple compatible

    Health Mate easily syncs with the Apple Health app and is available in a version for Apple Watch.


    身高體重指數 (BMI) 與完整的身體組成分析

    提供整體健康追蹤的 Health Mate app


    扁平式鋁合金底座,厚僅 1.9 公分 (0.75 吋)



    透過 MyFitnessPal 進行整合式營養追蹤

    相容於 Apple Health、Apple Watch



    Footless design and a solid flat aluminium base make Body Cardio incredibly strong and stable on a variety of surfaces.

    Apple 推薦的理由

    每天早上在你的 iPhone 與 Apple Watch 上取得最精準且最全面的身體數據。


    Nokia Body Cardio Scale

    USB charging cable

    Quick start guide


    輸入類型 : Micro USB

    其他特色 : Bluetooth、充電中、健康 App 相容、無線

    Internet 連線 : 有些功能需要 Internet 連線

    連線 : USB

    Bluetooth 相容性 : Bluetooth 4.0

    電源 : 電池電力

    電池 : 可充電式鋰電池

    電池續航力 : Approximately one year

    充電時間 : Approximately four hours

    高度 : 1.9 cm/0.75 in.

    長度 : 32.7 cm/12.87 in.

    寬度 : 32.7 cm/12.87 in.

    重量 : 2.6 kg


    作業系統 : iOS 8 or later



    製造商產品編號 : WBS04b-White-All-Inter

    UPC 或 EAN 編號 : 3700546704437


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