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34% reduction in carbon footprint with M1
100% recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine
100% final assembly sites verified certified zero waste
No outer plastic wrap
100% recycled aluminum enclosure
No mercury, no PVC, no beryllium, no BRFs*

has a plan.

We’ve been carbon neutral since 2020. By 2030, all our products will be too.

Designed to leave the world
better than we found it.

The fight against climate change is a fight for economic equality.

Using electricity from renewable sources to make Apple Products

Our products use less power. That’s powerful.

2× more recycled tungsten, rare earth elements, and cobalt used in our products in 2021
75% less single-use plastic in packaging compared with 2015

One less thing.

iPhone power adapter

We’re investing in some wild ideas for carbon removal.


of clean energy brought online in our manufacturing supply chain

70% reduction in average product energy use since 20082

Creating positive impact with clean energy.

The proof is in

the products.

Learn more about the progress of your Apple devices with our product environmental reports.

Closer to 100% carbon neutral.

We’re already carbon neutral across our corporate operations and are on the way to making carbon neutral products by 2030. Learn more about our latest efforts to reduce our remaining carbon footprint, fight climate change, and support equity.

View the 2022 Environmental Progress Report (PDF)

Additional Reports and Resources

Smarter Chemistry

Apple has a rigorous program to ensure the safety of chemicals used in our products. Learn about Apple’s strict standards, detailed toxicological assessments, and methodology for assessing chemicals of concern.

Climate Change

Climate change is a defining issue of our time. Our goal is to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2030. Below are detailed updates on our progress.

People and Environment in Our Supply Chain

We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards for labor and human rights protections, health and safety in the workplace, environmental practices, and the responsible sourcing of materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to common questions about Apple and the environment.

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