can I run ms office on ipad?

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    I would personally recommend that if you need Microsoft Word, you can download pages to your iPad which is very similar but instead of it being made by Microsoft, it was made by apple. It also syncs all of your documents to all of your devices. It works through iCloud.

    • Answered by Mattan M from Los Angeles
    • 29-Oct-2012
  • No. it can only be run on Mac. However iWork is available on iPad as an option.

    • Answered by Ryan J
    • 29-Oct-2012
  • You should check out AstralPad - a new app that lets you create and edit office documents. You can also do lot more - like video call to discuss a document , share your documents screen for co-authoring, in the app. However, it requires a good wifi connection. I hope this helps.

    • Answered by Rahul S from St Davids
    • 01-Mar-2013
  • Actually there is a great app called hopTo that will allow you to use a full featured Office in a touch friendly environment on the iPad. You can find the product on the Apple app store. You can even access documents on your PC with an additional client, as well as access docs on your Cloud storage.

    It is version 1.0 so i had a couple glitches setting it up, but the support was great in helping and I use it on a daily basis at this point.

    Good Luck.

    • Answered by Justin C from Issaquah
    • 29-May-2013
  • Yes, you can. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available as separate apps in the App Store. You need to have a subscription to Microsoft 360 to be able to use them, however.

    • Answered by Joshua H from Coffs Harbour
    • 28-Mar-2014
  • MS Office for Mac and iPad is now available with Office 365. The features for the MAC are great and the features for the iPad are still being reviewed. I have used both, but getting the feel of the Word on the iPad will take some trial and error.

    • Answered by Tony L from Apo
    • 31-Mar-2014
  • Yes

    • Answered by Shirly B from Magarao
    • 01-Apr-2014
  • Yes.

    • Answered by Paul H from Portland
    • 31-Mar-2014
  • By the way, Pages lets you save your file as a word doc, and Numbers will let you save your file as an Excel sheet

    • Answered by Kaveri J from New York
    • 15-Apr-2014
  • There are new apps that came out in 2014. Just search "word" , "excel", or ''powerpoint" in the app store. There amazing!

    • Answered by Luke K from Wilmington
    • 08-Apr-2014
  • Now you can but you have to have a microsoft subscription.

    • Answered by Manal M from Hickory Hills
    • 08-Apr-2014
  • Yes Its available on the app store

    • Answered by Chahel N
    • 12-Apr-2014
  • No

    • Answered by Kristoffer Leo G from Caloocan
    • 15-Nov-2012