• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing for Sport!

    • Written by Declan M from Ludlow

    If you're looking for a pair of earphones primarily for use in the gym or running, then look no further. These fit my ears so much more securely than my AirPods, they never feel like they're going to slip out. The sound quality is significantly better also. Whilst the AirPods are probably better for daily use, the case is smaller and they are easier to place in and out of your ear (the PowerBeats can be a little fiddly putting on), the fact the PowerBeats feel secure makes them a win for me, especially on long runs which I do regularly. It comes down to what you want from them.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Impressive bit of kit

    • Written by Hayley R from Guildford

    I bought these to replace a pair of Atomic Floyd Superdarts so I was looking for similar great sound quality and noise isolation. I was not disappointed - the Powerbeats Pro's delivered on all my requirements and more. I found them a little difficult to sit comfortably in my ears at first (I have a conch piercing) but it took less than an hour to get them to sit right. They don't budge when worn whilst walking/jogging/running. They maintain the noise isolation and they do have excellent sound quality.
    I read on one of the other reviews that the EQ on Apple devices does not work with these headphones but I haven't found this to be the case - mine works fine both on my iPhone and iPad.
    Also someone mentioned the charging case is bulky but I don't agree with this. If you were putting the case in your trouser pocket then maybe, yes, but if you have a bag it's fine. Plus - it's very durable so for the price of these headphones i'd prefer knowing they were safe in their charging case than rolling around in my pocket/bag. The case also charges your headphones even when it's not plugged in - so if you wear your headphones on your morning commute and put them back in the case when you arrive at work, the case will re-charge them. When plugged in the case is charged which in turn charges your headphones. Clever bit of kit. Overall I am very pleased with them and would definitely recommend them.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I would wait for the second iteration

    • Written by Stephan F from London

    The Powerbeats Pro look fantastic but I have two issues with them that warrant returning this pair and waiting for an update.
    Most importantly, they do not have an "off" button. This means that they stay connected to your iPhone after you take them out of your ears. Want to answer a call at work - it gets routed to the PBP. Want to ask Siri on your iPhone a question - you need to put on the PBP first. It also means that they will accidentally start your music anytime one of the buttons is pressed as you carry the PBP loosely in your pocket. This is all very annoying. (They disconnect when you put them in the case like AirPods but the case is too large to carry around).
    Secondly, the sound is a bit "meh"; while the bass is good stand-alone, it gets drowned out by highs if a song has both at the same time. This makes some songs sound tinny.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Powerbeats Pro better than my Bose soundlink

    • Written by Maria J from Haywards Heath

    Ok so I was hesitant to buy these, because of the not so good reviews, but most of the not so good reviews ,haven’t bought the powerbeats pro just for workouts &gym , but these earbuds are for working out not fashion or sitting around using two or three devices at same time complaining they have to reset an link to next device, case is to big blah blah blah ( case is for gym bag )Well Powerbeats are NOT made for looking good , they made for the gym getting sweaty working out ,

    So I bought them for gym , they loud too, clear sound better than my Bose over the ear soundlink , the powerbeats have a clearer sound absolutely perfect for the gym . I have no issues with them at all if ur buying for the gym I would recommend 110% they do exactly what they are made for .love them

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Constant connection problems and dropped calls - very disappointed

    • Written by Richard P from LONDON

    Ideally I would have liked to switch between my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro using the earphones alone. Unfortunately there's no easy way to alternate the connection. Instead you have to go into the Bluetooth settings on each device to transfer the connection. But even with that, they have to be constantly reset and re-found. They also have a habit of dropping out half way through a call which is very annoying. The connection to the MacBook Pro is consistently dodgy and connects about 25% of the time. I would have expected a lot more from Apple!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by William W from London

    Sound quality and fit/comfort are very good. However, there are some significant shortcomings that have forced me to abandon these after just a few weeks. 1) the battery life is significantly shorter than the standard Powerbeats and is also annoyingly unpredictable. After a full night of charging I sometimes only get an hour or two of listing time before the battery goes. 2) at least once per day one of the headphones loses its connection and needs to be reset. .... these two problems lead to a 3rd problem ... 3) charging and resetting require you to have the case with you ... out for a run ? left earphone stops working and needs to be reset ? you are out of luck unless you have the bulky hard case in your back pocket. Overall, a really poor user experience that I would not normally associate with Apple products.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    6 weeks in - already faulty

    • Written by Adam C from London

    Started impressed, comfortable fit well suited to workouts. However, within 6 weeks the headphones are faulty.

    There are two faults:

    1) The left earphone fails to turn on ~75% of the time (have to dock and un-dock multiple times). I cannot tell if this is a faulty connector on either the headphone or the case.

    2) The microphone is broken; callers on the other end of the line complain of constant static on the end of the line (I can hear them fine).

    I would not recommend these headphones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent quality and fit

    • Written by Chris C from Ayr

    If you are looking for a pair of wireless headphones that won't fall out of your ears while moving about, these are the ones for you.
    A great fit and very secure.
    Sound quality is excellent.
    I've had mine for 4 weeks and use them for music, phone calls where I need handsfree, commuting and the gym... love them!

    Pod is quite bulky... 7cm x 7cm x 3.5cm roughly.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best wireless headphones I’ve used.

    • Written by ADRIAN W from HILLSBOROUGH

    These are by far the best workout headphones I’ve used in years. I’ve previously had Tom Tom, Powerbeats 3’s and most recently Bose soundsport buds which like the beats pro, are truly wireless but these take it to the next level. The ease of connection to you iPhone or other device is seamless and the range they have is a good 50-75 metres without a single dropout.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great fit and sound but has battery issues.

    • Written by Cliff G from LONDON

    Great fit even with wearing glasses with them at the gym. Sound quality as you’d expect from Beats (not too bass heavy this time) and no lag issues when watching videos. The negative is it has a major battery issue. First pair drained average 30/35% over 7 hours out of the case and not connected to any devices. Returned and having same issue with the second pair - essentially they’re losing power when “off”. Very disappointed as should not be happening to £200+ pair of headphones. Almost misleading that it says you’ll get “up to 9 hours” playback Refund on the horizon unfortunately.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than AirPods in most ways....

    • Written by craig T from LIVERPOOL

    I bought these mainly for the reason being my AirPods kept slipping and letting sound in when I was at the gym and was a bit sweaty, so I got these and they are so much better! Because of their design the sound doesn't bleed out so I think they sound much better. The charging case was surprisingly smaller than I’d thought from seeing videos of it but its obviously not as small. As the AirPods case but it never leaves my gym bag so its not a problem for me. 1 last thing I will say good about these is the battery life really is what they say and if I’m in the gym for 3 or 4hrs I have about 65% - 70% left so they will easily last 9hrs on a single charge.

    So now the not so good things which might be down to opinion mainly and ear shape.... they fit in my ears BUT after a gym session I really do feel the strain on my ears so I couldn't wear them for much longer before needing a break. Also, with AirPods you can choose what tapping each AirPod does, but the beats you just have the same for each earphone which would have been nice to have had an option to change what pressing each button does, but its not a deal breaker and I don't regret buying these and I’m happy with them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I’m impressed 👍

    • Written by Ian M from Fareham

    I’ve had Bose for years but decided to try something new! These are my first ones from Beats/Apple and I’m impressed by the build quality, ear fit and the sound, all brilliant for me. Some have complained about the size of the charging box which is understandable if you want to carry them in your pocket, but for me that’s not an issue. The controls are very straight forward to use and syncing with your iPhone is so, so easy. Love them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Superb sound, excellent build quality, comfortable to wear.

    • Written by David S from Wyton

    Have Bose and Sennheiser wired ear buds. Powerbeats sound fidelity equal or better. I am truly amazed and pleased with the sound quality. Have listened to pop and classical music (though no Richter scale 8 bass). Best sound quality of the many earbuds I have owned. Over the ear necessary for me as others (bar the Bose) have falling out issues. Use largest ear pieces which are very effective in blocking wind and other background noise. Both over the ear part and ear pieces completely comfortable during 1.5 hour walks. Use it for walking dogs, not exercise, so no comment re perspiration or retention with vigorous movement. No drop-out issues in my experience. Have used earphones with iPhone XS 2-3 meters away. Completely satisfied,

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A huge improvement

    • Written by Ian F from Altrincham

    I previously owned a set of Powerbeats 2 and these Pros are a huge step up. Losing the cable makes a huge difference, especially with longer runs where the cable had a tendency to get annoying (and sweaty - yuck). These fit perfectly and because there isn’t a cable
    pulling on your headphones, they stay put. The old ones would move and you would lose sound quality and bass. These new Pros connect brilliantly too, as soon as you open the case. They also know when you’ve taken them out of your ears and will pause the music. Very comfortable, great sound and highly recommended.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    First impression

    • Written by Paul R from Newcastle

    First impressions. I was taken by the weight, they are so light but still feel sturdy. Then there is the fit. As someone that wears glasses I was worried I would have an issue. Not the case. They fit well and continue to feel secure. Then to review sound quality. I want to say they are perfect but I can’t . I think this may be down to my own taste and previous devices. They don’t carry as much bass as I expected. However the sound is more equalised. I have tried different genres of music and the quality is equal in all. Even when listening to old tracks where there can be a deficit in volume. I haven’t had chance to use the other functions such as call making etc but I don’t anticipate any problems.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great But With Some Cons

    • Written by Andy F from Bristol

    I've had the Powerbeats Pro for a week now and overall I've very happy with them. For a start there's all the convenience of the AirPods: charging case so always ready to use, auto-pause, no need for a power button, easy connection to all Apple devices, etc. Sound quality is excellent. Unlike AirPods these earbuds are very secure in my ears and offer much better sound isolation. I can't use AirPods near busy roads if I'm listening to podcasts or audio books for instance.

    Although it's mostly pros for the Powerbeats Pro there are a couple of cons. Firstly, the charging case is large. This is necessary to be able to accommodate the earbuds of course. The 9 hours of battery life should mean I don't need to take the case with me, and if I'm going to be using these earbuds all the time I'm out I won't. I do have to take the case to the office though. Even though the Powerbeats Pro would spend most of the day sat on my desk the battery drain when they're asleep (if they are actually going to sleep, I can't tell) is excessive. Based on my tests I estimate that I'm losing 20% power per day when not in use. Hopefully this is a bug that will be fixed in a future firmware update.

    Overall, these are still the best Bluetooth earbuds I've used, even with the downsides mentioned above.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent so far

    • Written by James S from Reading

    I got my Powerbeats three days ago. I have been very impressed so far. My most recent headphones for working out were the Bose Soundsport Free, so a very comparable unit. The Powerbeats are much more comfortable and secure. The Bose never fell out while running, but you felt they might - and they looked quite odd. The Powerbeats feel super secure and you soon forget they are there. The attention to detail is excellent. They are the first headphones I've had where the controls are on both ears - brilliant. I'm left handed it's already 100% intuitive compared to years fiddling with others efforts and clunky controls.

    The sound - pretty good. The definition is excellent. I thought they might have a little more bass given Beats reputation, but I'm fine with the very balanced sound. Volume is decent too.

    Other points - case is big, but I'm OK with that. Siri works well, seems better than my iPhone actually.

    Overall, I think these will be my go to headphones. Not just for the gym, but travel flights etc as well.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    What a great product!

    • Written by Vladimir K from London

    I am really impressed with the sound quality and the convenience of apple's H1 chip. The headphones switch seamlessly between my apply gadgets, the design is superb as I don't even feel them in my ears while using them. The Battery Life - WOW. Great job Beats & Apple.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Robert K from Macclesfield

    I received these a few hours ago. Since that time I’ve made several phone calls and have received really good feedback on call quality. With one “beat” in place it was awesome, and I’d use both if I was somewhere noisy (so that I can hear better). I took the time to try each ear tip and found an ideal fit which also had a big impact on sound quality. I’ll give my Bose Sound Sport to my wife. My son already has my ear pods. If you’re on the fence, get off it and buy some. EQ settings on iPhone work as usual (I’d read that they don’t).

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