TV that everyone can control.

Apple TV comes with assistive technologies that open up the future of television to everyone. Catch every word of a comedy without needing to hear it. Know what’s happening in every scene of a film without needing to see it. Or stay up late to binge-watch your favourite series, even if you never pick up the remote.

Updated Closed Caption and SDH Support

Closed Captions on Apple TV

Fast & Furious 8 is available on iTunes

Apple TV supports closed captioning, so those who are deaf or hard of hearing can fully enjoy TV episodes and thousands of films. Just look for the CC or SDH icon when buying or renting films or buying TV programmes from the iTunes Store. You can even customise captions with different styles and fonts, including styles that are larger and outlined for better legibility. For those who are deaf-blind, Apple TV lets VoiceOver users access closed-caption and subtitle tracks through their Braille displays.

Accessibility Shortcut

Quickly turn closed captions on and off using the Accessibility Shortcut. Once the shortcut is enabled in Apple TV, you can simply triple-click the Menu button to access your preferred accessibility features.

Fast & Furious 8 is available on iTunes

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