Apple Authorised Training Centres for Education

Apple Authorised Training Centres for Education.

The Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education Programme provides unique benefits to schools, colleges or universities using Apple professional software solutions in their curriculum.

Training for success

OS X Yosemite

Whether your college or university teaches media, arts or computer science, this programme empowers you to deliver high-quality training and certification to your students in key software applications used by the professionals.

IT-Focused AATCe

As an IT Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education (AATCe) you can give your students a jump-start in IT, enterprise and B2B markets by becoming an Apple IT professional. Apple plays a vital role within all the major trends in IT such as mobile solutions or the ongoing consumerisation of IT. That’s an exciting prospect for educators and trainers preparing students for IT careers, but it sets a major challenge too. Today’s students must be properly equipped to exploit the opportunities of tomorrow.

With the Xcode integrated development environment, Apple’s customers have a powerful suite of tools to create engaging, innovative and high-performance apps. Many more IT AATCe institutions are consequently embedding a curriculum around iOS programming and deployment as well. These iOS programming and deployment skills will greatly increase knowledge and education within the industry.

Media-Focused AATCe

The creative industry revolution

Final Cut Pro X

The new media and creative industries are undergoing changes, led by advances in technology.

In the media industry, Apple’s professional applications are the industry leaders in audio and video. Certifications are available for Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and Motion.

Enriching the curriculum

The programme is flexible in its design. Training is scalable to fit all the needs of an educational institution within a normal term-length class. Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education classes will add significant value to your IT or Media programme.

Apple has dedicated courseware and instructional material for you to use in the classroom, discounts on hardware and software in certain countries, and brings your dedicated instructors to Apple Certified Trainer level. Your students will distinguish themselves as experts and professional-level users of Apple’s Pro and IT applications and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Certification for both end-user and trainer is only available for Pro apps and OS X, not iOS.