Create with iBooks Author. Choose a template, add interactive content and publish your work. Then watch your Multi‑Touch books bring every subject to life for every student.

Get started.

Whether you’re creating an entire lab manual or just a unit to support a lesson, here are some simple steps to start making your materials more engaging using the free iBooks Author app for Mac.

Organise ideas.

A great way to get started with iBooks Author is to look at the materials you’re already using — worksheets, presentations, photos and more — and organise them into chapter or section folders on your desktop.

Beautiful design.

Next, choose from a variety of built-in templates with pre-defined layouts to make your project look professional from the start. When you have a lot of media along with your text, choose a landscape layout and enable the portrait view to give two experiences in one.

Drag-and-drop simplicity.

Drag and drop content from Pages or Microsoft Word documents directly into iBooks Author — all the formatting for headings, outline levels, paragraph structure and styles are automatically recognised. Next you’ll be ready to add interactive elements.

Bring content to life.

There are lots of apps you can use to create your own multimedia content for iBooks Author projects, and sites that offer free media resources for educational use.

Here are some great resources to help create and add media to your projects.
Make sure you double-check the usage rights when you use third-party content in your book.

Flickr Creative Commons

Discover a treasure trove of images from leading cultural institutions and photographs from Flickr users worldwide.

National Geographic Maps

Customise maps for specific lessons that you can include in books for your class for free.

Wikimedia Commons

Explore a large repository of public-domain and freely licensed media from a wide range of professional and amateur sources.

PBS LearningMedia

Access thousands of free teaching resources aligned to common learning standards that you can download and reuse.

SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse

Create your own 3D illustrations with SketchUp or choose from millions of 3D models in SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse.


Choose from the library of interactive HTML5 widgets and customise them with your own content.

Apple offers easy-to-use apps to create professional-looking content on your own.


Write and style your text in Pages. Then drag the finished file into the book navigator in iBooks Author to let your text automatically flow.


Edit your own photos in Photos and import them into an iBooks Author Photo Gallery for readers to swipe through in your book.


Embed a new or existing Keynote presentation to emphasise an idea with powerful animations and effects.


Videos created in iMovie can play automatically when embedded using the Media widget.

iAd Producer

iAd Producer lets you create customised widgets with interactive elements and animations, then format them to drag into your iBooks Author project.


Record podcasts, music and more in GarageBand, and add them to your project using the Media widget.

Preview and publish.

When you’re ready to distribute your book, iBooks Author takes the guesswork out of publishing, so you can focus on getting the word out.


Promote your work.

Get your book discovered in the iBooks Store by having a high-quality cover image (at least 72 dpi and 1,400 pixels), an accurate description and short title, and screenshots taken directly from your iPad. And don’t forget to share the published link on your social-media networks.

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