Trade-In and Recycle Programme for Education

Apple has long been focused on eco-friendly product design and packaging, a concept which extends to the disposal of electronic equipment.

Out with the old

Sometimes, to make room for new equipment, you need to dispose of existing systems and then find the funds to pay for new purchases from an ever-tightening budget.

Trade in used equipment from any
manufacturer, and apply value to your new products.

With Apple’s Trade-In Programme for Education,* Apple will not only help you remove old products, but will also help you recover any remaining value to help offset the cost of a new purchase. Apple, in conjunction with its third-party vendor, also removes data and provides a disposal report for each system with residual value to facilitate your asset management.

Free recycling of used equipment from any manufacturer for Apple customers.

With Apple’s Recycle Programme for Education, Apple (in conjunction with its third-party vendor) will ensure a safe and environmentally friendly disposal of your assets that meets the highest standards of recycling. This service — including collection, transport, recycling and certificate — is free for any Apple customer. This service is open to any brand, and is not limited in volume.

In with the new

    Learning Lab
  • Mobile labs — Apple Learning Labs provide a great solution for schools that need an affordable way to increase student access to the latest technology.
  • Notebooks — As with all Macs, each compact and durable Intel-based MacBook comes with iLife pre‑installed, making it a great complement to your instructional setting straight out of the box!
  • Desktops — Apple’s Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based iMac is the perfect space‑saving all-in-one solution for traditional desktops or computer labs.
  • Mac mini — Looks can be deceiving. Home to a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the incredibly small yet affordable Mac mini works with your existing displays, keyboards and mice to make the most of your budget.


Leveraging Apple’s Trade-In and Recycle Programme allows you to recover value from your existing equipment. It also ensures that your retired equipment will be disposed of in the most environmentally sound manner.

  • All returned equipment is recycled in compliance with all national and European requirements.
  • All recycled hard drives are ground into confetti-sized pieces.
  • Data on all hard drives to be resold is overwritten three times and sanitised.
  • Apple has an accredited process for the deletion of data and all used facilities are ISO 27001 certified.
  • On request, customers may receive a certificate of destruction for each lot recycled.
  • All asset tags and other identifying information are removed prior to disposal.
  • Waste arising from Apple’s EU recycling programme is recycled inside the EU.
  • No waste from Apple’s EU recycling programme is shipped outside the EU.
  • Equipment in good working order can be traded in for a bank transfer or cheque.

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* Please note that this programme is subject to Terms and Conditions that will be provided to you by Apple's third-party vendor. You are responsible for ensuring that the disposal of your equipment through the Apple Recycling and Trade-in and Recycle Programme for Education is consistent with all applicable European, national, and local laws and regulations.