Water resistant

Survive a spill.


Every iMessage is automatically secured with end-to-end encryption.

Use AirDrop to share photos even without a network.

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Larger text

Make text larger.

Group FaceTime

Invite 31 friends to a FaceTime party.

Do Not Disturb

Turn off notifications for a film (or a nap).


Create a Memoji of yourself.

Pick the best
shot from a
Live Photo.

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Get ready for bed.

Find My iPhone

Lost your iPhone? Find it or wipe it.


To type it, just say it.

Screen recording

Take a video recording of your screen.

iMessage photo effects

Make messages more fun with stickers, text and filters.

iMessage photo effects.

Shoot a photo or video in Messages. Then tap the Star button in the lower left of your screen to add effects — and fun.


Quickly reply with a thumbs‑up.

Manage notifications

Choose when, where and which ones you see.


Read the fine print.

Turn off notifications when you’re behind the wheel.

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Full-screen effects

Make an impression in iMessage.

Double tap

Typing? Double-tap the space bar for a full stop.

With Face ID, your face is your password.

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Reading in Safari? Reduce the clutter.

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Measure app

Measure things without a tape measure.

Measure app.

Using augmented reality, the built-in Measure app can quickly gauge the size of real-world objects like furniture, pictures, walls and more.

Medical ID and SOS

Need help? Hold the side buttons.

With Speak Screen, your iPhone can read to you.

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Bring everything within easy reach.

Undo typing

Made a typo? Delete it with a shake.

Dual SIM.5 For two phone numbers on one iPhone.

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Only iPhone.

No other phone is like iPhone.

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Why Switch.

Life is easier on iPhone.

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Which iPhone is right for you?

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Get up to £350 towards a new iPhone when you trade in your current one.6

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