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Chips summary

Three giant

MacBook Pro blasts forward with the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max chips. Built on 3‑nanometre technology and featuring an all-new GPU architecture, they’re the most advanced chips ever built for a personal computer. And each one brings more pro performance and capability.


Game-changing graphics performance.

Presenting an entirely new class of GPU architecture. And the biggest breakthrough in graphics yet for Apple silicon. Dynamic Caching optimises fast on-chip memory to dramatically increase average GPU utilisation — driving a huge performance boost for the most demanding pro apps and games.
Games will look more detailed than ever thanks to hardware-accelerated mesh shading. This brings greater capability and efficiency to geometry processing, enabling games to render more visually complex scenes.
Up to 2.5x faster rendering than 16‑inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max3


Hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

For the first time, MacBook Pro features hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Combined with the new graphics architecture, it enables pro apps to deliver up to two and a half times faster rendering performance and allows games to provide more realistic shadows and reflections.

Maxon Cinema 4D
Up to 80% faster CPU multi-threaded performance than 16‑inch MacBook Pro with M1 Max4

Next-generation CPU cores drive a super-responsive experience while maintaining incredible power efficiency.

Over 18 trillion operations per second

An enhanced 16-core Neural Engine accelerates popular machine learning models. Image processing tools like DeNoise AI and Gigapixel AI from Topaz get even faster.


We can do this all day.

MacBook Pro has the longest battery life ever in a Mac — up to 22 hours. That efficiency is the magic of Apple silicon. And all models remain just as fast whether plugged in or not. So wherever inspiration strikes or whenever duty calls, run with it.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Up to 22 hrs video playback1
Up to 15 hrs wireless web browsing1


Amps up apps.

With thousands of apps optimised to unlock the full power of macOS and Apple silicon, M3 chips accelerate performance like never before. Now apps just soar — from your go-to productivity apps to your favourite games and hardest-working pro apps.

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The best display ever in a laptop.

Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR) brings refined specular highlights, incredible detail in shadows, and vibrant, true‑to‑life colours. Calibrated in the factory, each Liquid Retina XDR display also features ProMotion and pro reference modes.


10,000 mini-LEDs39 grouped for precise brightness and contrast.


Custom optical films and diffusers mix and shape light efficiently.


LCD panel enables refresh rates of up to 120Hz.

Camera and Audio

Crisp. Clear.

A FaceTime video call on MacBook Pro, surrounded by illustrations of blue circles to suggest the 3D feeling of Spatial Audio
  • 1080p camera. It makes video calls feel more like the real thing — with technologies to help you look sharp in any light.

  • Studio-quality three-mic array. Captures the subtlest sounds in audio production and minimises background noise so your voice comes through loud and clear.

  • Six-speaker sound system. Two pairs of force-cancelling woofers with two tweeters fill the room with sound. And Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos creates a three-dimensional soundstage.


All the right

MacBook Pro packs a powerful array of ports for connecting high-speed peripherals, driving high-resolution displays or directly offloading SDXC cards. And it supports both Wi‑Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3.

Left side: MagSafe 3 port, two Thunderbolt 4 ports and headphone jack
Right side: SDXC card slot, one Thunderbolt 4 port and HDMI port
  • Thunderbolt40
  • HDMI
  • SDXC
  • Headphone jack
  • MagSafe

Drive external displays. Connect one high-resolution external display with M3, up to two with M3 Pro or up to four with M3 Max.


Security at the touch of a finger.

Touch ID sensor located in top-right corner of MacBook Pro keyboard

The Magic Keyboard comes with a full-height function key row and Touch ID, which gives you a fast, easy, secure way to unlock your Mac and sign in to apps and sites.

Secure by design. Your fingerprint data is converted into an encrypted mathematical representation that helps eliminate the need to remember passwords.


Significant others.

  • You can answer calls or messages from your iPhone directly on your Mac. Copy images, video or text on your iPhone, then paste into another app on your nearby Mac. With iCloud, you can access your favourite files from either your iPhone or your Mac. And so much more.

    Showing user copying an image on iPhone, then pasting it into a document on MacBook Pro
  • Sketch on your iPad and have it appear instantly on your Mac. Or use your iPad as a second display, so you can work on one screen while you reference the other. You can even start a Final Cut Pro project on your iPad and continue it on your Mac.

  • Automatically log in to your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch with Auto Unlock. No password typing required.

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