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iPod nano (7th generation) - User Guide

iPod nano User Guide Contents 4 Chapter 1: iPod nano at a Glance 4 iPod nano overview 5 Accessories 5 The Home screen 6 Status icons 7 Chapter 2: Getting Started 7 Set up iPod nano 9 Chapter 3: Basics 9 Use Multi-Touch 11 Set preferences 12 Connect or disconnect iPod nano 13 About the battery 15 Set up iTunes syncing 17 Chapter 4: Music and Other Audio 17 Play music 20 Play podcasts, audiobooks, and iTunes U collections 22 Create playlists on iPod nano 24 Control the volume 27 Chapter 5

Motion 5.1.1 - User Guide

Apple IIe - User's Guide

Page 1 of 74IIe Printed: Tuesday, March 4, 2003 10:40: 15 AM Apple IIe Owner's Manual Chapter 1: Meet Your Apple IIe Two words that get thrown around a lot in conversations about computers are hardware and software. Hardware refers to the computer, the disk drive, the monitor, and any other piece of equipment you can see, touch, and connect to your computer. The individual hardware components that you attach to your computer are called peripheral devices (because they are peripheral

Q: Activity app recorded too MUCH data

as Monday were added that I did not earn. Specifically, Friday shows the accurate number of Stand, Exercise, and Move but the bar graphs for Exercise and Move contain many grey bars. For Saturday, the Stand, Exercise, and Move are again recorded correctly but the Exercise graph is nearly entirely solid green bars from midnight all day and the Stand graph is solid blue bars for all 24 hours (though the recordings are 26 minutes and 15 hours).   For Sunday, the Move graph and total are accurate