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tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats Starter Kit (Vertical Mounting)

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  • Overview

    Smarter heating with your Smart Climate Assistant

    tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats make living more comfortable—and more convenient with a controller app on your iPhone or iPad. Now your heating system can adapt to your life while becoming more efficient than ever before. The unique features of the Smart Climate Assistant enable you to save up to 31% on your heating bill automatically. Compatible with all standard vertical-mounting thermostatic radiator valves.*

    More comfort

    Always return to a warm and cozy home while saving when you’re away. With tado° you can ensure your home is always at the perfect temperature—no schedules, no teaching, no need to remember to turn it off. The Smart Climate Assistant takes care of your comfort at home, without you having to lift a finger.

    More savings

    tado° saves up to 31% energy and heating cost and pays for itself within a short period of time. The average family in the UK saves up to £235 per year with tado°.**

    Control from anywhere

    The tado° mobile app makes it possible to control your heating from your iPhone or iPad wherever you are. Adjust the room temperature and individual settings from anywhere, at any time.

    Easy installation

    Whether you're a tenant or a home owner, you can simply replace your old conventional radiator thermostats. Don't worry, water can't leak. An online installation service provides detailed step-by-step instructions.


    The tado° Smart Climate Assistant's unique features help you save up to 31%** on your heating bill while increasing your comfort at home

    Geofencing automatically turns down your heating when the last person leaves home and begins to warm up again when it detects the first person returning—based on iPhone location

    Adapts your heating to the weather forecast, making use of natural heat to save energy

    Open window detection recognizes sudden drops in temperature or humidity when a window is opened and turns the heating off to save energy

    Control multiple rooms or zones separately with the tado° app

    Insightful reporting in the app tracks your home temperature, humidity, outside temperature, and weather during the day to show how much you're saving

    Smart scheduling lets you set personalized schedules with different temperatures at various times of the day; when nobody is home the heating stays in energy-saving Away Mode

    Building characteristics integration helps the thermostat learn over time how to heat your home as efficiently as possible

    Apple HomeKit compatibility allows you to control your heating with Siri voice commands or create scenes for even more comfort

    What’s in the Box

    Two tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats (vertical mounting)

    Internet bridge

    USB cable

    Power adapters

    Ethernet cable

    Two AA batteries

    Two sets of three different adapters

    Tech Specs

    Other Features: Batteries Required, HomeKit Compatible, Wireless

    Internet Access: Internet Access Required

    Power: 5-36 VDC 0.2A/4.5 VDC

    Power Source: Battery power

    Batteries: AAA

    Battery life: Approximately two years

    Height: 3.07 in./7.8 cm

    Width: 2.05 in./5.2 cm

    Depth: 2.05 in./5.2 cm

    Weight: 6.28 oz./178 g

    System Requirements

    Requirements Other: iOS 9 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 4260328611159


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    Manufacturer Note

    *To verify compatibility with your heating system, please visit **Savings are based on a scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics - Germany 2013.

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