Osmo Little Genius Kit

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  • Overview

    Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit helps kids learn by engaging them with physical game pieces they activate in various iPad apps. The four games in the Little Genius Kit focus on the following skills: Nursery school letter formation (ABCs); creating pictures with sticks/rings (Squiggle Magic); dressing/feeding a character (Costume Party); and bringing animals to life, which encourages problem solving, learning of letters and creativity (Stories).


    Fun-filled, award-winning learning games where hand-held pieces come to life as they interact with an iPad app

    Kids learn nursery school letter formation, create pictures with sticks/rings, dress/feed a character and bring animals to life

    No Wi-Fi necessary for game play

    Designed for ages 3 to 5+, enabling the continuation of learning

    Parent app offers child game profiles that let you track game progress

    Includes Osmo Base for iPad*, a wide variety of cardboard and silicone game pieces and four game apps

    What’s in the Box

    Osmo Base for iPad

    19 cardboard pretend play costume pieces

    38 silicone sticks/rings (BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe)

    Silicone game play mat

    Stackable storage for game pieces

    Four game apps: ABCs, Costume Party, Stories, Squiggle Magic

    Tech Specs

    Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access

    Height: 6.35 cm/2.5 in.

    Width: 22.9 cm/9 in.

    Depth: 20.3 cm/8 in.

    Weight: 453 g16 oz.

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 850001161299


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    Manufacturer Note

    *iPad not included.

    Not suitable for children under three years

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