Can I connect a msr machine to my iPhone 6 Plus using a otg usb cable and would it work with the easy MSR app?

I have a msr605x machine and want to connect it to the phone because I found out there’s an app called easy MSR that I could possibly use for my msr but I have no idea wether it’s really comparable with all msr’s or just the wireless Bluetooth one and if it is compatible with all msr’s can I just buy a otg usb cable and connect my msr that way and make every thing work. �� the only reason I’m seeking a method this way is because I can not connect my msr to my asus chromebook laptop for some reason probably because it doesn’t have any operations system like windows, Mac, or Linux idk but I’ll greatly appreciate any help on this particular situation if anybody have any knowledge or advice on it. Thank you

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