How do I format a word doc to print 8.5x11 pages on 11x17 tabloid paper

I am running Word for Mac 2011 on Mac OS Sierra. I have a Canon multifunction printer that handles letter and legal size 8.5" width paper. I create multi-page PDF newsletters that are formatted as 8.5x11 pages but I wish to have them printed on 11x17 paper in tabloid or booklet form. I usually have STAPLES Copy/Print center print the newsletters. They have to do some file conversion to make it suitable for printing in the desired 11x17 tabloid format. They often ask me to provide an 11x17 formatted file. However, since my installed printer does not support 11x17 paper, that paper size is not included in the format options.

Can I install a "virtual" printer that Word could recognize allowing me to format my print file as desired?

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