Which connector do I need use the 27 iMac with a 2008 MacBookPro?

Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

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  • it would depend on how you want to connect them.

    1. You want to access the data on your macbook pro through your iMac

    Use a firewire cable, when you turn on your MBP, hold down the 't' key, your MBP will then appear as a drive on your iMac

    2. You (for some reason) want to use the iMac as a second screen for your MBP

    Just use your iMac (having connected your MBP as listed in point 1 you will be able to access any files you need from either computer through the iMac)

    if you want a second screen that you can use for BOTH your iMac and your MBP, buy the mini display port to DVI adaptor from apple and a good monitor OR fork out for the apple cinema display that will plug straight into both computers (but not at the same time) FYI if you buy a 3rd party monitor, you will also need to buy a cable to run audio, as mini DP does not transfer audio (the aple display does this through the USB plug)

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