can the SD card inserted here be used to import mp3 files to the ipad?

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

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    To disagree with the first answer, no you can NOT import mp3 files straight to the ipad via SD card. The original answer meant to say MP4 files. They were confusing MP4 video files with MP3 audio files.

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  • If, when you say MP3, you are referring to music files, the answer would have to be 'No Way' since Apple has designed all of their iProducts to be dependent on iTunes as the only method of importing music files. Further, Apple has made it pretty clear that the devices open existing software designed to handle pictures.

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  • Definitively yes. They must be in the DCIM folder however. Any file can be copied into the photo app if it is in this folder. The same is true for usb flash drives with this folder in the root directory. Once copied, the iPad cannot then do anything with music files though, even the email option doesn't work. When plugged into any computer the files are accessible, but on mac iPhoto will ignore many formats it doesn't like.

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  • It is for photos and videos only.

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  • Hi,
    I don't have the connection kit yet. People have to think differently about the iPad compared to a PC/Mac. With something like Windows XP or Windows 7 most of this tuff was built-in to the operating System. But on the flip side this made for a big cumbersome OS. I have not seen the developer kit. But it appears that each program that is designed for the iPad might be able to access the USB device. It all depends on if apple has the code that developers need. In this way the OS is smaller taking less RAM. The smaller better designed something are the faster the device will operate, etc.
    So, maybe there will be a program in the future that will do what we want. For now we have to wait and see.

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  • Yes, if you have MP3 video on your camera or its SD card, you can upload it to your iPad. IPhoto supports video from cameras.

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  • While I have not seen this accessory yet, based on the description I would say no, because it looks as though the Photos app will automatically open and there will not be an actual way to interface directly with the files on the card. Of course this is purely speculation until I receive my Camera Connection Kit.

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