Can i hook up to a printer and print from the Ipad using the usb cable?

Will I be able to hook my HP printer up to the Ipad through the USB cable and print documents, pictures or whatever I need?

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    No, Apple mobile devices that run iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) can only print to an AirPrint enable WiFi printer on the same Wireless network. Most new HP printers feature AirPrint.

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  • no you need to use the wireless technology called air print and you must have a air print compatible printer.

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  • If it's an HP wireless printer you can download HP ePrint software from The App Store and print directly from pictures on your iPad, email accounts, the web, and cloud storage that your iPad accesses.
    Other printer manufacturers may have similar software available, and there may be 3rd party apps too.

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  • The other option is to download Printer Pro by Reddle. Once set up it will allow you to print to any wireless printer. Great app!

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  • The best way is to use a printer with Air Print support. The Epson Workforce 2450 is an example. I use it to print anything from my patio to my office, about 30 ft away and it works fine. The key is "Air Print". Any printer with this feature is ok. The wireless feature is not enough.

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  • No, but you can get Printer Pro on App Store to use any wireless printer, if your printer does not have wireless, Get and plug usb in the back of AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, or Time capsule
    Then open the app and your printer will be set up for Printer Pro
    Or use built in AirPrint (Most HP printers).

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  • You can always mail a document to your laptop of desktop and print from there

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  • You can print from any printer. With wifi no need to connect

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  • Not with a USB connection, but you can print to many Canon PIXMA printers without the need for any apps or additional software!

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  • No,but can to air printer.

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  • There is an app called PrinterPro that works very well for this. Your printer must be connected to your wireless network. You setup the app to print to that online printer. The app provides excellent results.

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  • There is an app called handy print that will let you print on a wireless printer that doesn't have AirPrint, just have to have computer on

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  • Any printer that is not AirPrint wirelss can be configured through a non AirPrint wireless router if the wireless router is capable of being configured to direct the print requests to the printer. My I phone and iPad work fine this way. Note my entire computer system is on a LAN

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  • In addition to AirPrint, for at least som HP printers, it is possible to e-mail a document directly to the printer through the given address

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  • Many older wifi printers without AirPrint are still able to work with iPad if you have an app. My Canon laser needed the free app from Canon to work. It's likely most other manufacturers offer their own app. Not sure if an app will work with USB but check the app instructions for your printer.

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  • You can print to any wi-fi enabled printer but not through a USB port.

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  • Hi Yes you can buy a Printer from Apple and then it will work Okay

    Apple Responds

    As long as the printer uses a USB 2 or 3 connection it will work.

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  • No

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  • No it's not possible
    You should use your PC/Laptop transfer your data then print it.

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  • People, you can if your printer has an IOS app. My Brother MFC9340CDW printer doesn't have AirPrint, and I have it connected to my network via ethernet. I've installed the Brother printer app on my iPhone and iPad and can print to it just fine.

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