Does this multiport supports HDMI-VGA adaptor?

I have recently buy a MacBook 12" and this multiport, because I will use it for my classes in the university.
Most of the projectors are VGA, so I bought a HDMI-VGA adapter as well.
I have tested it with 2 different projectors and the MacBook did not recognized them.
Then, I get from a collegue a generic USB-C/HDMI adapter, and the projector was recognized.
The tests I have performed are:

VGA projector
1. Apple Multiport + my HDMI-VGA adapter --> Not recognized
2. Apple Multiport + collegue's HDMI-VGA adapter --> Not recognized
3. Generic USB-C/HDMI + my HDMI-VGA adapter --> Recognized Ok
4. Generic USB-C/HDMI + collegue's HDMI-VGA adapter --> Recognized Ok

HDMI monitor
5. Apple Multiport --> Recognized Ok.

I really cannot believe that my MacBook works ok with a generic adapter and cannot work with Apple original adapter. Please, let me know how to proceed.


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