Can I use this as a remote on a Macbook Air for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or an external DVD drive?

I'm a teacher. When I'm showing a video, my Macbook Air is hooked up the projector at the front of my classroom. I am generally sitting at my desk, which is about 12-15 feet away from the computer/projector. I would like to be able to stop a video from my desk (rewind, etc), rather than get up and walk to the laptop each time I want to stop the video. I show videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and on an external DVD drive. Ultimately, I'd like something that has a laser pointer, too (and is rechargeable). But that I might have to buy separately. I use the laser pointer for my periodic table at the front of the room as I'm teaching, so the spotlight presenter doesn't help me because that only works on the screen - not anywhere else in the room.

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