All my current Dell pc's have been hacked. Will the purchase of this Airport Extreme along with a MacBook Pro stop this ruination of my computers?

I am switching to Mac because of a hacker who has destroyed six of my pc's. Will this Airport Extreme be of any assistance in security for me?

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    As with any OS, care must be taken. I stopped recommending Windows to friends and family for that reason, as I could not keep up with support needs. That said, there are several things that should be done.

    One, use Time Machine. When there is a problem, this feature offers a quick way replace the OS.

    Two, browse using a Standard user account. To be extra cautious, deselect the Open "safe" files after downloading setting in application's preference panel. There is always a delay at detecting new vulnerabilities, where avoiding this service could have prevented many past compromises.

    Three, avoid installing Adobe Flash, Java, or Microsoft Office if possible. Browsers now offer native video and graphics support. These applications are in endless flux and permit a large number of any day exploits. Avoid social networking plugin foo as well.

    There are several Anti-Virus utilities available in App Store, but the new firewall feature in Mountain Lion also helps at keeping you safe. This feature checks signatures of known software sources, for example. When the source is unknown, don't install.