As a professional gardener I must maintain multiple gardens. Water levels, fertilizers and sunlight. How will this product help me?

Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor

Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor

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    Hi there I have one of the parrot flower power garden monitors and I'll try fill you in on how I think it would be good and bad for a pro gardener

    it does exactly the area's you asked for monitoring sunlight levels, water in the ground and fertiliser levels, it does this by comparing the readings taken from the device to a large database of plants/trees kept in "the cloud" so it's not just telling you the raw data which of course can be viewed but it will push alerts to an apple device (possibly other like android not sure) to say the water levels low for this type of plant or similar for the other areas,
    Scientific style transducers used to gather data well the same as used over the years two prongs a set distance apart and knower resistance points of different materials (dry soil, wet soil, fertiliser level), lux meter for sunlight and temp sensor for soil temp.
    Database has loads of info even if the sensor is not monitoring that plant you can still look up loads of relevant data but then again I'm sure you already have enough knowledge and sources there,

    You need a newer device from Apple so iPhone 4S and above and iPads it's the mini and above. Basically anything with the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard,
    While the app can handle many sensors the sensor is limited to a specific area that it's in so many trees = many sensors @ 70.00 each.
    You need to get within a few feet of the sensors to retrieve the data to the phone which in turn sends it to the cloud for analysis against the database I mentioned earlier this is fine when it's by the backdrop in my case but for you it would mean a daily trip to where the sensors are located to get the data.

    This is what I've thought of so far I hope it helps I love the one I've got it actually helped us save a problem citrus transplant we have. If it was me I'd get say 2 and use them to test garden beds over a short period so you can be sure you know what's going on exactly.

  • Flower Power does measure water levels, fertilizers and sunlight, but also temperature.