Can I mount TWO 30" apple cinema monitors

Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo

Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo

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    Bretford told me it is 31 lbs per arm, not total. They also told me it is not "officially approved" for two monitors. That said, I just installed it with one 30" and one 24" Apple displays and it works just fine, I would not hesitate to put two 30" displays on it. It is extremely over engineered (built like a tank)- I suspect it will hold several times the stated weight (but I wouldn't recommend going past the 31 lbs per arm). By the way - it comes with 2 VESA brackets - the stand for the laptop just bolts onto one of the VESA mounts - so you only need the Apple VESA adaptors and you are ready to go!!

  • Yes

  • I have had two 30" cinema displays mounted now for over 8 years (one is13 years old and still going strong, and HOT). Nothing has gone wrong, so the answer is yes, you can.

  • No only a 30in (if under 31 lbs) and a 17in macbook pro are the max for this stand.