Can I watch my iPhone 5 videos on my tv?

Apple Composite AV Cable

Apple Composite AV Cable

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    Not through this cable, I agree with the previous person, unless you purchase the HDMI cable, that works, but this cable does not show video if you have updated to IOS 6

  • Yes you can. My suggested method would be to purchase an Apple TV. If you're Apple TV and iPhone 5 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network then you can utilize the "AirPlay" feature and stream music, videos, & pictures to your TV through the Apple TV and AirPlay. You can also "Mirror" your iPhone to your TV. Hope this helps.

  • use an apple TV. the lightning connecter does not support video, even with an adapter as there aren't pins in the connecter for it.

  • this is extremely confusing but it can be done. you can use the iPhone lightning to VGA adapter run a VGA to your TV for video. Now for audio i used a auxiliary cord to RCA (red & white) plugged the red and white into a analog to digital convertor. from the convertor you have to run a optical digital audio cable to your TV and wallaaaa there you have it!

    Now if your TV does not have a VGA input on the back you can also look into VGA to hdmi convertors, couldn't tell you if they worked because i never tried it yet but if someone does please let me know thanks.

  • The iPhone 5 comes with an iOS 6 so the only way for you to play movies on your TV or mirror your iPhone screen to a TV is by using an atv ( Apple TV ) its woth the money only $99 and everything you do on your iPhone you can see on the TV by mirroring which right now you can't see the touch button, it appears only when the iPhone and the Apple TV are both connected to the same WiFi, also the connection is cable less and your iPhone can be used as a remote for many features that you get with the Apple TV.
    as of now there is no other way so instead of paying $30 for cables that don't work on iOS 6 add another $60 and you'll experience a whole new TV world so search for atv3 ( the latest Apple TV 3rd generation ) I believe you'll like what you'll find!

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