Can the Pegasus2 R6 or the drives in the Pegasus2 Series be assessed by MacPro running Win8.1 (under Bootcamp) and OS/X?

Can the new MacPro (Late 2013) running both OS/X Maverick and Win 8.1 (under Bootcamp) read/write files to the Pegasus2 R6 (or any model in the series). If so, would it be under the same partition or different partition in the same drive?

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PROMISE Pegasus2 R6 RAID System

PROMISE Pegasus2 R6 RAID System

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    Simple. The answer is yes, and it would be under a different partition on the same drive. The same way bootcamp works when you use the bootcamp assistant to partition the drive on a macbook air or pro or iMac or any other mac. Separate partition.... Only difference in this case is the fact that it's a "RAID array", which is technically multiple hard drives that "look" like one large one. So you're not necessarily creating a different partition "in the same drive" as you phrased it, theoretically, the partition that you create may be on a different drive... I'd imagine you'd want it to be frankly, so if an important system disk does go down and you have to replace it, preferable not to lose both operating systems and have to wait on the RAID rebuild (which they do a good job of on their own... you shouldn't lose any data if you use a smart RAID strategy (like RAID 5 that both maximizes storage space while insuring redundancy)

    hope that helps and I'm not misunderstanding your question or simply stating the blatantly obvious... If so, I apologize in advance. Have a blessed day!

    • Answered by Bernard G from San Jose