Can you write to an SD Card from an iPad via the ligntning to SD adapter?

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

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    Answer is NO; the SD card adapter is one-way only. Ie, you can only import photos into your iPad, not export. You'll need the Lightning to USB cable in order to connect your iPad to your laptop or desktop as if it was a camera, and then use File Manager (on a PC) to transfer the picture files to the PC. If you look at iPhoto on the iPad, the only functions available are to Import photos from your SD card, not the other way around.

  • Here is what I learned in using this:
    1) I used my SD card reader to import the files onto the iPad
    a. I locked the cards to protect them from any writeback
    b. The issue here is that you have to have enough memory to hold the files you want to make a backup of.. You can select the individual files to move and control the number, but it took more time than I wanted to spend so I purged other files on the unit to make room.
    2) I then mounted the Leef unit and lauched the Leef App – and with a few clicks it copied the files down to the micro SD card in the unit.
    a. Once finished I used the Leef App to renamed the file on the Leef Unit to the date and name of the chip as a unique folder of backed up folder.
    3) Once the files were copied to the Leef drive – I selected an deleted them all from the iPad, unlocked and returned the original card to the camera.
    ONE WORD OF WARNING: - when removing or remounting the mini SD card into the Leef unit – BE CAREFUL! – The unit has one heck of a powerful spring in it and on three occasions I launched the mini SD card across the room (Each time while putting it in). On a black/brown carpet – it took a while to find, on once in a restaurant – which makes you look like you are looking for a lost contact LOL……
    In the end, this worked beautifully for me as a backup device. – Just sharing - ….

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