"charges your BackBeat GO and iPhone..." Does this mean it has a lightning port that charges iPhone 5??

Since it said that it charges phone and headset at the same time, AND that it is compatible with iPhone 5, will it have a standard 30 pin port connector or a lightning?

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    What this charging comment actually means is that it comes with a unique charging cable that has a USB to Micro USB connection as well as a port to plug in your normal charging cable.

    Basically meaning you only use a single charging device such as AC or Laptop USB and as long as you have the lead for you handset then you can charge both devices at the same time.

    A really useful cable i think.

  • Hi ! its charging USB is designated as a single USB hub. When U plug in the 1st USB for its own charging, in the same time U can enter your phone USB behind it, it looks like there is a USB port in it, and as a short example U can say Phone USB into Headphone USB into Computer/Notebook or charger USB & 2nd short example as a USB with a USB port behind it.

    Thanks !