Comfort and Noise Isolation?

I have had a pair of P5 for years and I love them although after 25 min of listening they start to squish my head and get uncomfortable and I have to give them a rest.
How do the P7 compare?
Also how is the noise isolation on the P7? I travel a lot in the tube in London and the P5 are good but not brilliant.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Over-Ear Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Over-Ear Headphones

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    Isolation is average for over-ear headphones. These are not active noise canceling, rather they are passive. For most purposes, these should work. However, for busy busses or planes, they may not be enough.

    As for the comfort. The padding has to soften up and break in with time before it becomes comfortable. The clamping force isn't the largest with these after you've used them for a while.

  • Your P5's are "On The Ear" in their design...the leather pad sits directly on top of the ear. This is not a great design for noise isolation - as you've discovered. The P7's are designed so that the leather ear pads fit around the ear and create a sound insulating seal with the side of your head. As such, they do a much better job at blocking out noise. I also found the over the ear design to be more comfortable since the headphones aren't crushing your ears.