Do the function keys and special buttons also work on windows computers. And... is the USB port full powered 2.0?

I'm a windows user. I know I need to buy a Mac guys (already got the iPhone =D) But is this lovely looking keyboard also full functional for Windows? I mean, can you use all the function/special/numeric Keys?

Also I'd like to know if the USB ports on the sides of the keyboard are full powered. If I'd connect my iPhone, would it be charged?


Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    The keyboard USB ports ARE full powered DEPENDING on your mac. My Intel iMac gives full powered USB ports, but my wife's 12" G4 P-book only produces enough power to run a mouse and a some USB memory sticks.

    This is sweet, you can plug a mouse into one side and keep the other one for easy access like USB memory, iPhone, card reader, etc... For even more ports, get a bluetooth mouse but keep the corded keyboard and you get 2 USB ports!

    I believe that all the new intel Macs produce full powered USB ports, even the laptops, but you might want to double check on that.

    As for the function buttons, they might work in Windows, but I haven't checked (my cheapie MS keyboard makes the F keys work, but not the multimedia keys -note: UNPLUG the keyboard before wiping it down!!).

  • mostly to activate the number keys you need to use the [X] key on the number pad instead of the usual F8 key and key settings are done via the boot camp control panel available on OS X disks (not sure if its availbale direct form apple otherwise but friends can loan you this).

    the side USB ports are low power 100MA ones and will not power high use devices such as iphones, ipods or USB disk drives these will only work on a direct connection the the PC or via a powered hub with short leads as these are high drain devies using ALL the 500MA from USB 2

  • if your running windows via bootcamp then your answer is yes, unless your tryng to use the expose function, then obviously that wont work because that is not an app on windows.

  • i dont really know about the mac keyboard. i do know that you can connect your i phone to the mac keyboard and type large documents

  • My WD 1TB USB 2.0 portable HDD works when connected to the left hand USB port of the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, but if I connect it to the right hand USB port I get this error message, "the disc you inserted was not readable by this computer". Left port has more power than the right. (My computer is a MacBook Air)