Does the case interfere with wifi reception?

  • Asked by fn from Calgary


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    i don't care what anybody says the answer is yes! Two different internet companies and same issue I can't even get wifi on my front porch but my hubby can and he doesn't have a life proof!

    • Answered by Carrie H from Holt
  • It does. Been experiencing wifi disconnects with my usual distance from my previous phone. Even the cellular data is affected.

    I tried comparing my trusty Note 3 and it can find more than 10 networks and able to connect to one of them. While my 6+ only has 5 and cannot find the same my other phone is connected with.

    When I removed my casing. It magically refreshed and connected me properly and showed reception is decent.

    • Answered by Daniel S from Bukit Jalil
  • I believe that it does like others that have mentioned the same problem. I have been using a regular leather case for my iPad MINI 2 since I bought the device and never had an issue until I put on this Lifeproof case. The wifi became inconsistent, always dropping signal and I have never experienced this with any other type of case.

    This is also the case with my iPhone 5s. When I have it Nuud it get ok reception but as soon as I put a case on it that is not just a skin the dept ion gets worse and I lose connection with wifi a lot.

    The Lifeproof case has its advantages but not enough for around the house usage to continue to use this Lifeproof case.

    • Answered by Bryan Y from Cockeysville
  • No, it does not interfere with WiFi.

    • Answered by Matt C from Fort Worth
  • Not really, wifi is something that isn't blocked by the material that makes up this case because of its advancements.

    • Answered by Mattan M from Los Angeles