does the flap bend all the way to the back side of the phone and remain there comfortably? Does the fold tend toward the front of the phone?

I don't want to have to open the flap every time I pull out my phone. Can the flap be bent all the way backwards and stay there comfortably and functionally?

iPhone X Leather Folio

iPhone X Leather Folio

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    Yes, the flap bends all the way to the back side of the phone. However, in my early uses of the phone, I received repeated feedback indicating my voice was sounding muffled and distant and the clarity was not great. I started to adjust my fold during one particular phone call and the person at the other end was saying I was closer sounding and less distant and my voice was more succinct. I concluded that my voice “muffling”, “distance sounding” and clarity” were all normalized when I positioned the flap in the same plane as the phone. Just picture it like opening a book. And laying the pages flat. I am a moderate user so this is not optimal but not problematic either.

    Other than that, I really like the quality of the product. The phone fits in very well and the leather quality seems to be very good.