Does the iPad mini have a word program and iphoto?

Can I create word documents and photo documents on the iPad mini?

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    Buy "Pages" for word processing. You can then email a document to yourself (or anyone) as a Word document.

    iPhoto is available for iPad.

  • Yes you can download Pages (Apple's word) and iPhoto on an iPad Mini.

  • Yes to both, Pages and iPhoto are both available for the iPad/mini. Pages being the apple equivalent of MS word all the features to create a standard text document with the ability to export as Pages, Word and PDF documents are included (From my experience).

  • Yes. Any app that would normally run on iPad also runs on iPad mini. That would include Pages, iPhoto, and the other over 250,000 apps made to run on iPad.

  • Yes, however you need to download the apropriate app to do so. One of the most popular app for word documents is Pages. It's very similar to Microsoft Word. You can purchase the app from your App Store. The price is $9.99.

  • Neither is a standard application out of the box but both Word and iPhoto are available for purchase on the App store. They are excellent programs and well worth the small charge.

  • Yes it has iPhoto, keynote, pages, iPhoto, iMovie any app that's on the iPad is on the mini as well.