Does this case provide any protection for drops etc?

I'm thinking about buying a protective case and then a wireless keyboard but I am hoping this will do both.

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    only protects the screen not the back

  • This is a 'clip on' keyboard using magnets, so it doesn't cover the back of the ipad to star off with. I haven't purchased one, but i'm pretty sure it wont 'protect' it, it will just keep the screen safer from scratches, hope this helps

  • It will do very little to protect the iPad in any way from most drops. While the back of the keyboard is aluminum, it is only attached by magnets, which detach very easily. I think that unless the iPad manages to drop just perfectly, face down, where it lands flat on the keyboard, it will fail you in a drop.

    Otherwise the magnets will come undone at the slightest impact, separating the two pieces. They often separate in my bag, let alone from dropping.

    This keyboard offers no protection for the back and sides of the iPad.

    I returned mine. I was shocked about how poorly it did protect.