Has anyone used this with a BT Homehub - and does it work?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes it does. I've connected the home hub with the time capsule with ethernet cable, then disabled the wireless signal coming from the hub. Time capsule has a better wifi than the BT Hub. When setting up the Capsule you must bridge the connection in one of the auto setup menus with the BT hub.

  • Hi, i recently bought a Macbook Pro 2.8 and a Quad-core I7 Imac 27" ,also a 2TB time capsule.I currently have a BT Home-hub 2.0 and 5 associated HD handsets and several wireless PC's and a couple of PC desktops,therefore i did NOT want to just turn off the wireless on the BT hub as i would have lost the use of ALL of my handsets!
    There is no way of turning off the wifi i could find in the Hub settings without losing the handsets as well so i just left it on!,I had researched this issue earlier and having two wifi networks adjacent to each other did not seem likely to cause any conflicts according to experts.
    All my ports were used up already on the Hub so i had installed a 6-way port switch to allow connection of more PC"s' a Sling-box,CCTV ,and a Sling-catcher to connect to the hub.I used a spare port to connect the Imac desktop and the TC as well
    Pc world and Curry s had both said the Apple Time Capsule would not work with an ADSL line (BT) saying it was only suitable for a DHCP system but they are wrong! It definitely works with a Hub ,i have an extremely strong signal off the TC,miles better than the range of the BT hub! The backing up of the desktop and the laptops take place 24-7 every hour without doing anything whatsoever and i get a speed of 6.37mbtps on the desktop AND the same on the laptops connected through the TC !!!!

  • Yes - as above..
    I have an old BT home hub one of the white ones.
    I put a small ethernet cable out of the hub into the timecapsule then switched of the wireless on the home hub
    I am not that technically minded.. however I did encounter "juddering" audio problems with the wireless and itunes streaming to airport and wireless streaming from itunes to my Apple TV when the timecapsule backup kicked in (again wirelessly)
    I resolved it buy buying those mains ethernet adapters - apple tv has one, the mac has one and the timecapsule has one
    The only thing that is wireless now is the airport for my B&W Zeppelin
    I had to change my network preferences on the mac to push wireless underneath ethernet as well..