how do i set up as bridge to printer

need to use airport express bridge mode to printer (will use ethernet cable to connect printer to airport express) in existing airport extreme network.
Where are instructions to set this up?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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1 Answer from the Community

  • There are two options:

    1. Set the Express to extend the WiFi network provided by the Extreme. Connect the printer with an Ethernet cable (Cat5 or better) from the Express LAN port to the printer. If you need more than one device to be connected via Ethernet from the Express, you can use a switch between the Express and the printer to provide more ports.
    2. Configure the Express with WiFi OFF. Connect the Express to the Extreme with an Ethernet Cable (Cat6 or better,) from a LAN port on the Extreme or an intervening switch to the WAN port of the Express. The Express will act as a switch, extending the Ethernet LAN. Connect the printer to the Express' LAN port.