How do you clean the scroll ball?

Is there any way to clean the ball when it gets gummed up?

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

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    Joe from Vegas's answer worked great ! Even better if you add the use of a an alcohol prep pad. Unplug the mouse from the computer, turn the mouse upside down and rub it on the alcohol prep pad and then lightly rub the scroll ball on the blank piece of printer paper. The alcohol loosens everything up and the paper acts like a giant blotter. The dirt and grime comes out, as long as it's not stuck in there too badly.

  • It's quite simple actually. All you need to do is unplug it from the computer, and using a blank piece of printer paper, lightly rub the scroll ball against the page. The dirt and grime comes out, as long as it's not stuck in there too badly.

  • I know it sounds scary, but after I tried every other suggestion to no avail, I read another suggestion which recommended the use of a straight pin, when all else failed. "That's when you jam the straight pin in between the plastic housing and the roller ball. Dig around in there and pull out even more gunk. Repeat the alcohol pad and napkin thing." It worked for me!

  • Yes, Take a Q-Tip and stick it in a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol.
    Then take the wet Q-Tip and rub it thoroughly on the scroll ball while at the same time rotating the scroll ball back and forth and side by side. That has worked for me many times but it doesn't last long--has to be done frequently, at least once a week depending on how often one uses the mouse.
    In my view this is a frequent nuisance and a serious defect with the Apple mouse. Can anyone recommend another manufacturer's mouse which will work on my iMac. Don't recommend Apple's wireless mouse. That doesn't work well for me either. One has to have the hand dexterity of a concert violinist for that one.

    WJH Miami