how to connect my mac pro to a tv

I got a hdmi to dvi cable

Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable

Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable

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    Purchased this fantastic cable for my Apple MacBook Pro (2008) from my local Apple store. I am now able to watch my Netflix (Vista) and Hulu (OS X 10.5.8) movies and TV shows on my Samsung HDTV via MacBook Pro either OS X or MS Windows Vista via VMWares. I'm using this Belkin HDMI DVI cable to manage the HD video and i also purchased the Monster iCable audio Y cable splitter to handle the audio signal from my MacBook Pro to my HDTV. Selecting the right HDMI DVI cable connection for your MacBook Pro is key so you will need to check your MacBook Pro user manual and determine if you have a mini DVI port or a mini display port since this Belkin cable will support MacBook Pro with the mini DVI port. The following is my hardware and software configuration:

    - Apple MacBook Pro 4, 1
    - OS X 10.5.8
    - VMWares version 2
    - MS Windows - Vista
    - MS Windows 7

    1. HD Video Connection: Belkin HDMI DVI - 12 feet cable
    Macbook - mini DVI port l== Belkin cable == l HDTV HDMI port

    Results: Excellent quality HD video


    A. Your HDTV might have several HDMI ports but use only the HDMI port
    that has and support the RCA (Red/White) audio input if you want to use your HDTV speakers.

    B. The output audio volume will be control by your MacBook Pro not your HDTV volume controller.

    C. MacBook Pro = System preference == Display == Display Mirroring mode

    2. Audio Connection: Monster (iCable) Audio Y Cable Splitter - 7 Feet Cable
    MacBook Pro 1/8" headphone mini jack Output == Monster cable== HDTV HDMI / Red + White audio input slot.

    Results: Crystal clear audio

    Now nuke your popcorn and enjoy your movie on your home HDTV.

  • Well it depends on what Mac Pro you have. If it's pre 2009 then you'll possibly have Mini DVI video out. If its more recent it will have a Mini DisplayPort. Either way you will need to get an adapter which converts the video signal into either S-Video (older TV's) or HDMI for modern HD TV's.

    Apple sell most connectors to do this, however if you can't find what your looking for (especially the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters) try searching on Google for "Cables for Mac"

    Note that you will need to run a separate audio cable as Mini DVI and Mini DisplayPort do not support audio signals.

  • belkin hdmi to dvi