I believe this adaptor can be used with the 12.9 iPad Pro and get much better charge times. Is this correct & can you use it with any other iOS device

High power charging for iPad Pro

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

Product No Longer Available

3 Answers from the Community

  • You can use it to charge both 10.5 and 12.5 iPad Pro's using fast charging (it charges the 9.7 iPad Pro but no faster than the 12w adapter it ships with). You can use it to charge other iOS devices, but again, fast charging won't happen with those devices. You need to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable in addition to the adapter (come in 1m and 2m lengths). If you travel with either the 10.5 or 12.5 iPad Pro's you would only need this adaptor and USB-C to lightning cable to charge any of your iOS devices. It will not charge an Apple Watch as there is not a USB-C to Watch charging disc cable at present.

  • No you cannot as not Lighting connector

  • There are several places where wattage can be limited. It can be limited by the power adapter, the cable or the device. Certain devices like the iPhone 5S and lesser, and iPods are only designed to accept 5watts at a given time. I'm not sure if the 6 and 6S series devices can accept 12W, but I know they can take 10W.