Iphone 5 / 1st generation Ipad compatibility???

I am a little confused. The specs on the internet shows this is compatible with the 1st generation Ipad. However the specs on box at the Apple store shows only 3rd generation ipad. I would expect this would also work on the Iphone 5 as well. I have the 30 pin connector for that. any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

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    This charger works for any iOS device. Since it has the USB port, all you have to do is connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod with your 30 pin connector cord or new lightning cord, because both these cords have the USB end which goes in to the charger.

  • Simply put, yes. It will charge both.

  • This is compatible with all generation Apple products (IPods, IPads, IPhones), Whether it is a 30 pin device or lighting connector device. You can use the 30 pin cable included with the product to charge your 30 pin device, or you can use the lighting connector provided with your lighting connection device to charge it. It is a dual USB car charger, so you can even do them both at the same time. In addition, it has 2 ports of 2.1 amps of power each port. Therefore, it can charge up to two IPads at the same time. Whether it is an older generation IPad (30 pin) or newer generation IPad (lightning) it will charge, it all matters on the cable you insert in the USB slot.