is it compatible with windows ?

i am buying this keyboard and i have a windows vista laptop. will it work ?

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    Yes it Will,
    I am Running Windows 7 and it Works great, Best keyboard I have ever Used. as for some of the function keys, they dont work from the moment you plug it in. But you can download some free software called "Sharp keys" just Google it, which will let you re-map the Keyboard, so You can change the "Command" button to "alt" and the "alt" button to the "windows" key, like you would have on any other keyboard for windows. You can also use the software to make the function keys do what there meant to, Like the Pause key, Mute, Ect...

  • DB from pine Ridge is so wrong I am using XP and typing on it now. my other post was more detailed but sisnce there is some question I will say again IT WORKS FINE some keys are diffrent email me and I will give more detail I rate this keyboard with XP a 9

  • I believe it would be. It is a plug and play keyboard, so you shouldn't have any problems! Just some of the buttons (like screen brightness, dashboard, etc.) may not work with Windows 7 (as they were made for the mac) but the keyboard in general should work!