It says this is waterproof. can you scuba dive with it? How deep?

GoPro HERO5 Black Camera

GoPro HERO5 Black Camera

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    I was wondering about this also, but then it struck me as odd to be asking this question in this venue,surely the manufacturer's technicians and engineers are better qualified to answer this question and others of a similar nature. I looked around this site for a way to contact those above mentioned who, one would think, have intimate knowledge of the product,but to no avail. I apologize for answering your question with a question,however since GoPro and Apple are still a going concern (in business) it seems to be only common sense that these questions be directed to them,therefore a way to do that should be provided; I would find that v. helpful.

  • The GoPro can go to 10m/33ft without any external housing. If you want to take it deeper your gonna need to buy the supersuit which is about $79 aud. Hope this helps

  • GoPro rates it to 10meters without a housing. Going deeper may cause water to infiltrate and damage it. GoPro says that a waterproof housing is needed for deeper dives to ensure the camera stays waterproof.