Protective cases for sale?

I need to purchase a protective cover, etc. For my IPAD.
I have Multiple Sclerosis and afraid I'll drop it?
any suggestions, please?

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    There is a case that has a padded neck strap that you can clip on. I ordered one and am very pleased with it. I can take my iPad shopping and not be afraid I'll leave it on a counter somewhere, but still have my list available.
    It is especially good for those who are afraid of dropping their iPad.
    Good luck.

  • There are many potentially "life-saving" iPad cases available on the Apple store.
    If you are using an iPad 1, you might benefit from an (Marware ConvertibleShell for iPad (1st generation))(I am unable to post links in this box). It has a lot of protection, and seems to have a hand grip to help you hold on. If you are using any other model, take some tips.
    -Try to go for an entirely covered back or front. They offer the most protection.
    -Though nothing can ultimately protect your iPad, soft cases, generally made out of a rubbery, or neoprene substance, have always worked for my iOS devices.
    -If you have something in mind that you found online, perhaps check out your local Wal-Mart, or other convenience store for products that are potentially cheaper but just as efficient.

    Happy Shopping!