Since the stand allows the monitor to be held in both portrait and landscape modes does the screen switch as in the iPod Touch or iPhone?

The description states that the computer can be rotated on the stand in portrait and landscape mode and i was wondering if this feature was for storage purposes or if there was an accelorometer (sorry if I spelled that wrong) in the computer that actually turns the screen as in the iPod Touch or iPhone.

Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount

Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount

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    Apple Cinema Displays do not have built in accelerometers for automatic orientation detection. If you change the display's orientation, you just need to change the "Rotation" setting in the system's Display Preferences.

  • No, the cinema display does not automatically change orientation. That would be pretty cool though.

    The vertical position is mostly used in the photo-editing/visual arts community, as it offers a better representation of what your finished products are going to look like all at once.

  • That would be dependent upon the monitor. I don't believe the Apple display incorporates a tilt-sensor, so the orientation would need to be adjusted manually in the Monitor System Preference Pane.