Can Apple TV play data (photo's & music) stored on an Airport Time Capsule?

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    Yes to all: music, movies and photos.

    Apple TV plays music and movies that are in your iTunes library. You can either:

    (1) relocate your iTunes library onto the Time Capsule disk, or

    (2) drag music and movies into your local iTunes library after going into iTunes > Preferences > Advanced
    and unchecking "Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library." Now iTunes will play the
    music and movies off the Time Capsule disk, and so will the Apple TV.

    For photos, in iTunes simply choose File > Home Sharing > Choose photos to share with Apple TV. You can share your iPhoto library, Aperture library, or any folder on any device (iMac, Time Capsule, or network drive) on your network.

    • Answered by Julian B
    • 18-Feb-2014