can apple tv pull pictures from my dropbox?

I have a lot of pictures on my dropbox cloud. Can Apple TV be able to pull from the dropbox?

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    Only indirectly.

    That is, Apple TV does not have any built-in mechanism for linking to DropBox.

    But if you have a folder on your Mac that's sync'd with DropBox, then you can use iTunes (File > Home Sharing > Choose Photos) to make those folders available to Apple TV.

    • Answered by Glenn C from Sunnyvale
    • 16-Nov-2013
  • If you have mirroring capabilities then yes you can. If you have the latest generation apple tv and an iPhone 4s or newer or an iPad 2 or newer, you can mirror anything from those devices to your tv using apple TV. In other words, anything you can see on your iOS device screen can be mirrored (seen) on your TV. Even apps.

    • Answered by Linda R from Hampton Cove
    • 24-Nov-2013