Can Apple TV work with Direct TV?

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  • I had DirecTV and Apple TV. Again, understand what Apple TV is. It's just another receiver that hooks to your TV just like your DirecTV box does. Because you have DirecTV, you may be subscribed to HBO, ShowTime or Starz there. Because of that subscription, you have access to the apps for those channels (and others) on the Apple TV box that will allow you to use your DirecTV credentials to access programming in the app. The AppleTV does offer more than you might get on DirecTV but you're also going to have channels on DirecTV which don't have apps on Apple TV. The two complement each other but don't replace each other.... yet. The direct answer to your question is.... Yes, you will hook each individually to HDMI inputs on your TV and you will use the input on the tv to swap back and forth between them.

    • Answered by Thomas S from Bartlett
    • 02-Jun-2014