Can I have 2 Apple TVs in the same house ran off the same computer

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    Hello Christopher M.

    You can run 2 Apple TV's in the same house up to 5 devices from the same Apple ID and iTunes Account. So, as long as you use different remotes and don't have a total of 5 Apple devices you can. Time Capsule's and Express's do not count b/c you do not have to login. Only Mac's, iPad's, iPods, iPhone's, and Apple TV's versions 2, and 3 that I know of because I'm running several myself and for the scenario that you do have more than 5 you can logout and login with a different device and still have the 5 total.

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    Sr. IT Technician - Thomas Harman

    • Answered by Thomas H from North Tazewell
    • 25-Sep-2014