Can I play movies I loaded to my Macbook to my TV using Apple TV.

2 Answers from the Community

  • Turn on Airplay on your Macbook. Both devices must be on the same network (Wifi or hardwired). I do this pretty often. You're basically mirroring the output of your Macbook to the Apple TV.

    • Answered by Michael K from Tuckerr
    • 02-Jun-2015
  • Yes, maybe.

    In principal, a macbook/air/pro can stream via airplay to apple TV (or mirror, or extend the desktop).

    There are hardware requirements on the Mac side as to whether airplay is supported by Mac OS. In the event that your mac is older than what is required for native airplay, there are other options such as the 3rd party Air Parrot software, which functions very similar to native air play.

    • Answered by Jay H from Windsor
    • 02-Jun-2015