Can I still use my Macbook while streaming to Apple TV?

I am looking into purchasing Apple TV, and am curious to know if I can still use my Macbook pro while I am streaming. Right now I am just using an HDMI cable, but that means that I can't do anything with my laptop while a show is going on. I would like to be able to put something on in the background (ie: music, Scrubs, etc.) but still be able to get some work done.

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  • Since you're using a Pro, you should be able to do other stuff even when using an HDMI cable. The trick is to turn off display mirroring. (I was doing that even before Mavericks or using an Apple TV.)

    For doing this with Apple TV, in the AirPlay menu on Mavericks (top right of the screen), there is a section for:

    Use AirPlay Display To:
    Mirror Built-in Retina Display
    Extend Desktop

    The first was selected by default, but the second lets you do something else without affecting the TV. (Right now I'm playing a Daffy Duck cartoon through Apple TV while typing this.)

    The only bit of wackiness with this that I've seen is that if I close the main iTunes window -- leaving only the MiniPlayer showing -- then the video stops playing. And the pause button in the MiniPlayer doesn't work. But at least I can minimize the main window to get it out of the way. Will have to submit a bug report for this.

    • Answered by Glenn C from Sunnyvale
    • 15-Nov-2013