can i use an Apple tv to make my older Sony hd tv a Smart TV

My Sony TV is HD ready and has HDMI input but it does not have the ability to link up with my Network/Router. Therefore I want to know if I can then use the Apple TV to connect with the Router and use the Sony TV for accessing/watching iPlayer/Youtube etc etc without using my Macbook Pro?

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    And your MacBook Pro works very well with Apple TV as well if you wish. With Mavericks, you can use Apple TV as an extended display. And with Home Sharing enabled, from the Apple TV you can play whatever music you're sharing from the Mac. And on and on.

    But yes, Apple TV can be used to watch videos from YouTube, listen to radio stations from the Internet ("Radio") or from the new (ad-supported) "iTunes Radio", and much more, independently of the Mac.

    • Answered by Glenn C from Sunnyvale
    • 16-Nov-2013